Andy is one of the main characters in GhostForce and a student at Central High School . He helps protect New York with his friends, Sam and Nathalie , and his teacher, Professor Reichenbach .



Andy has messy brown / blue hair, blue eyes and pale skin.

As a Civilian, he often wears blue shirts, jeans, and yellow sneakers. Currently its true civil design is not known, and only 3 possible designs have been revealed. This Wikia addresses the theme of its transformation, and any concept art not allowed in the profile photo.

When transformed, he wears a black jumpsuit with a blue cape, hood, gloves and boots. It has on its chest the emblem GhostForce, a ghost in the form of tear. Over the suit it is gray fill spots.


Like a Ghost, it can fly and levitate through objects. Your weapon seems to be a katana.


  • Nathalie
    • Nathalie is friends with Andy and one of his partners on GhostForce. Andy may have a secret and loving crush on her.