This timeline holds a list of events pertaining to Ghostforce, both in the real world and within the series itself. For now, it is a list of documented news and events that follows Ghostforce's development with updated news. Italicized information is information that is still considered true, while striked information is information that is out of date or debunked, therefore no longer being true.



  • October 15: PGS Entertainment partners with Zagtoon with the first global production to be Ghostforce. The story has been revised with a New York chemistry teacher that develops technology to fight ghosts. He and his students are aided by a friendly ghost named Flubby.[1][2]


  • May 11: Jeremy Zag announced from his Instagram that production for the show has started.[3]
  • October 27: Jeremy Zag announced from his Instagram that both the first animatic of the show and the main assets have completed.[4]
  • December 21: Jeremy Zag's post on Intagram about the Ghostoyz reads: "Who wants a magical Ghost that gives power???! Me!!! Take a caps, open it, get the Ghost! (Coming soon) #zagheroez #ghostforce #disneychannel". The "#disneychannel" indicates that the show will airing on Disney Channel, though it's unknown which country it'll premiere on that channel.[5]